Dermalogica Express Facial Treatment

30 MINS | $70

For people on the go!

Achieve maximum results in minimum time. Power cleansing, customised mask, toning and moisturising leaves you feeling uplifted.

A great maintenance facial.

Please note – does not include massage.

Dermalogica Classic facial Treatment

60 MINS | $120

A true anti stress treatment. Begin your revitalising facial with double cleansing, exfoliation, and a face, neck and shoulder massage to ease your mind and spirit. End with a mask and moisturising to hydrate protect and restore the natural balance of your skin.

dermalogica deluxe skin care treatment

75 MINS | $140

All the benefits of the classic skin care treatment with extra time to treat your specific skins needs and relaxation requirements.

Environ vitamin facial Treatment

75 MINS | $140

A luxurious, relaxing treatment that delivers essential vitamins to restore the skin’s health, radiance and resilience. The magic of this treatment lies in the combination of specially selected powerhouse formulations and the caring, therapeutic hands of the skin care professional.

Extractions – added to any facial treatment